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I’m Sander Vill, 24-years-old professional photographer and videographer. I live in Turku and work everywhere in Finland and sometimes in Europe. I found my passion for capturing moments at a very young age. I photographed my very first weddings in 2016 at 16-years-old. Now I have been entrepreneur over eight years and I love job my job. 

As a person I’m very bubbly and positive minded. Besides being laughable guy I consider myself as a trustworthy and reliable person. I’m very passionated about my craft, but I’m also very into adventures and experiences. I love to travel and meeting new people. 

You are more than welcome to get to know me even more down below. 
A photo of me in Slovenia

How I found my passion towards photography and videography?

I was bullied in school at first because I was bigger than others and also didn't manage the language perfectly. Obviously it was a hard time for me, but it also made me who I am this day. We explored photography in one of the classes on fifth grade and then I found myself loving the idea of capturing photographs. That's the way my photography career started in 2011.

Year-after-year I got better and in 2015 with the help of my parents I established my first company. I sold calendars that we developed from my nature photos - and from that money I was able to buy my first professional camera kit. I also had a small collaboration with Canon Finland when they found me from my Facebook page.

From 2016 I was full-on focused becoming a true professional and all the way beside high-school studies I worked as a freelance photographer. After graduation I found myself accidentally having so much bookings that I never had a need to get "a real job". Fun fact: I have never worked for somebody else, I have always been working for myself since I was 15-years-old.

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Narrowing it down

Like all humans we all have thoughts and ups and downs. I had a small burn out in 2020. It was at the end of Covid-year and I was totally melted because of saying "yes" to almost everything, because I was worried when the next wave will come and calendar will be empty again.

When I was getting myself back together I realized what I actually want to photograph. I want to capture weddings, couples, individuals and brands. Before the 2020 I did all kind of photography which partly was the reason for burn out. On that year I made the decision to accept only the shoots I truly feel the pure passion and I have loved my life since then more than ever.  

I do weddings, couples, portraits and brands. Now it's simple.

I want to become the best in that field. I want to photograph weddings and couples in Finland and also as international wedding photographer. When I don't have weddings I photograph and do video work for brands and companies.

Now the most important question, who am I as a person and as a human?

I'm the most happy and joyful human you can find. I love to travel, go to new places or adventures. I have a special love towards mountains and that's why I love to visit countries with mountains. I also enjoy food, especially pizza, chocolate, ice cream (mango is the best), cappuccino and pretty much everything else. In the last few years I have totally fell in love with sushi.

When I'm not going to a shoot or plan the next adventure I like to hang out with my family, which is really important to me. I also enjoy spending time with my friends. There is nothing better than a good evening or a small hang-out with closest ones. If I'm on my own I like to ride gravel bike and watch Formula One.

As a human I'm really caring, loving and trustworthy. You can be sure you can relay on my words. I'm a big fan of humor without forgetting black humor. I'm a little bit afraid of flying and spiders, but I will never miss a journey because of those two. I like to do sports and try different things but I'm not definitely an athlete or good at it. But I think the attitude is the most important thing. I consider myself a quite social person, and working in a wedding or brand shoot brings out the extroverted side on me.

I also come along with all kinds of people and I really respect everybody. It's really inspiring how everyone has an unique story and one of the best parts of this job is the ability to get to know new people so often. I hope we can meet too and have a small adventure together.

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