Capturing the pure emotion

Couple and Engagement Photography in Turku, Helsinki, Tampere, Suomenlinna, Salo, Mathildedal and in whole Finland & Europe

Your connection is meaningful

You have an authentic story. Your love is unique. I want to memorize your passion.

A intimate portrait of the couple

Safe to be yourself

We are beautiful humans. We all love, smile, touch, are sensitive and feel sexy in our own way. My passion is to capture the true essence. The safe and personal side of you. With me you can be yourself. You can show me the genuine you.


Photographing your true love can feel exciting. I will guide you through and be present the whole time. When experiencing the shoot you will feel emotions. You will be joyful, you will get inspired, you will get romantic, you will get comfortable and confident. We will memorize the authentic connection.

A shot from the couple in Turku

Let your unique essence flourish

Couple and Engagement Photography stories

I have witnessed passionate love stories. I have had the honor to photograph meaningful connections and love with purpose.


Are you ready to take the next step and book the photographing experience. I'm happy to show you the package and possibilities.

Couple and Engagement Photography Package

Couple and Engagement photography is for the couples who want to have their love and connection captured. You might have been together for a year or for over two decades, it doesn't matter. What matters is the love you have. And that's the thing I want to memorize.

You don't need to know how to be in the front of the camera and it's totally normal to be a little bit excited before the shoot. I will guide you through the full time. We taking the photos together and I will make sure you can feel comfortable all the time.

Couple & Engagement Photography Package

A couple kissing in Turku
A couple being close to each other in the evening
A couple hugging each other in the storm.

The package includes:

What you will recieve:

The price of the package starts from 450.00 euros


The full gallery will be edited and delivered in 3-4 weeks after the shoot. Photos will be shipped with full quality in JPG-format through online gallery that is available for 6 months. Possibility to share the gallery link with friends and family. The payment is made with invoice.


I'm committed to memorize your connection.

Send me a message and I can't wait to get back to you.

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Frequently asked questions

When is a good time to get in touch?

Always as soon as possible! Especially the most wanted dates can be booked for a long time before. Even though it's good to be in touch early stage don't be scared to send a message in last minute. There is nothing better than getting a new shoot in a short period of time.

I don't have previous experience being in front of the camera, does it matter?

Of course it doesn't matter if you have experience or not. Most of my clients have never been in a front of the camera. While shooting I will give all the introductions and advice. I also have little funny tasks for two of you.

Where do I shoot?

I photograph and videograph in Finland and in Europe, and maybe even further. I live in Turku, Finland and most of my shoots are all around in Finland. Mostly in Helsinki, Turku & Tampere but whole Finland is my area. I truly love to travel and see different places and that's the reason why I do destination weddings, elopements and couple shoots. Basically I'm traveling there where you are. Feel free to reach out if you are insecure.

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