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Master of brand photography, videography and commercial videos in Turku, Helsinki & Salo

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Welcome, I'm Sander

Brand, Event & Commercial photographer and videographer working in Turku, Helsinki, Salo and in whole Finland.

My passion is to capture the authentic and meaningful brand photos and commercial videos.

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I want to create warm, genuine and meaningful moments. I am specialized in brand, commercial, corporate, recruitment and drone photography & videography. I live in Turku and work in all areas in Finland and in Europe. Especially in Turku, Helsinki, Salo and Tampere.

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When am I the right for you?

I'm the best option for you when you are looking for a creative, easy to work with, local and personal photographer and videographer who has time to dive in your needs. I will help you to find a way to make your brand shine.

Photography portfolio for brands

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A selected collection of work

Making a teaser video to Entrepreneur Of The Year gala

A teaser video to the gala for the Entrepreneur Of The Year Winner

Open project

Recruitment video for OP Lounaismaa's new job

Recruitment video for OP Lounaismaa

Open project
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Let's get started! Inquire and we can start creating!

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Sander Vill

Turku, Finland - Working in Finland & Europe

+358 40 75 75

VAT-number: FI31258805

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Frequently asked questions

How do we get started?

Just send me a message or call me and I will take care of everything else after that.

I don't know how to be in the photo or video. Is that a problem?

It's definitely not. I always have the full instructions and advice during the shoot. I will tell you exactly how to be, how to act, how to put your hands and legs, I will tell you everything. In fact most of the people I have photographed or took a video have never been in front of a professional camera. I will even give you the guidance and ideas of how you could dress up on the shooting day, so I got you covered.

Should I know what kind of service I want?

You don't need to! It's enough that you want to take your visuals to a higher level. I will listen your needs and suggest what we could do. Sometimes best solution is simple portraits and sometimes quality made presentation video is what you need.

I don't have any idea how to do the shoot or how to plan it. Will you help?

I will! Actually almost the biggest job of the production is the planning. We will have planning and I will tell you all the things we need and how to do it. You don't have to have any ideas or imagination, I will think about everything. You just need to tell me what are your wishes and I will guide you from that moment.

What size brands do you service?

I serve all brands in all sizes. Most of the companies I've served are middle size, but I also work for self-entrepreneurs and large international brands. It all depends if my style will match with what you do!

How is the timetable of a project?

Typical timetable of a full project is about 3-5 weeks. We will have a chat, I will suggest you a package, then we will have a planning session and pick the dates. After the shoot you will receive the materials. Usually I deliver the final product in about 1-3 weeks after the shoot.

But don't be hesitated to reach out in the final moments. If you need an event photography or a commercial videos in a very short notice I can probably deliver that. Just contact me and I will try to make it work!

Do I accept all kinds of projects?

I don't. I only take projects where I know I can do it at very high level and inspiration. I want to work with things that motivate me and also I don't want to let you down. That will also give you the trust that if I accept the inquire, I'm sure I can deliver a good quality product.

In what area do I work?

I live in Turku and the places where I shoot the most are Turku, Helsinki, Salo and Tampere. But I offer my services in whole Finland and Europe.  

Turku, available in Finland & Europe


VAT-number: FI31258805

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